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What to Expect


Rec & Ed camps are active and fun! Whether it's an enrichment or sports camp, our camps feature:

  • A counselor to camper ratio of 15 to 1

  • Engaging and age-appropriate activities

  • Small group projects, discussions, and games

  • Indoor & outdoor time (increased outdoor time during COVID-19)

  • Both quiet and louder times during the day

A safe, enjoyable camp environment is our #1 priority.

Please be sure to review Rec & Ed's behavior policy before the start of camp.

All camps will be in-person, and the AAPS Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols will be followed. 


  • WELCOME LETTER: Be sure to read the Welcome Letter that is emailed to you approximately one week before the camp start date. It will have important details about your camp, as well as information regarding what to bring, what to wear, where to meet, what COVID-19 safeguards will be in place, etc..  

  • CAMP LAYOUT: Be sure to open and review any attachment(s) to the Welcome Letter, because it may indicate proper entry and exit points for parking lots and fields. 

  • DROP-OFF & PICK-UP: During COVID-19, camper drop-off and pick-up will be drive-up only. Again, please read the Welcome Letter for instructions regarding how to drop off and pick up your child. For the health and safety of all campers, parents will not be allowed inside any school building. Camp staff will be available to help your child get to and from their classroom. Reminder: Have your photo ID ready at the end of the day when you pick up your child. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave our program with an unauthorized person.


CAMP HIGHLIGHTS: All enrichment camps will provide "Camp Highlights," which is a list of each day's activities as well as the Camp Supervisor’s cell phone number. If you do not receive the "Camp Highlights" via email by the first day of camp, feel free to ask any staff member for a hard copy.


Children registered for a full-day camp (9am-4pm) will need to bring a lunch and a few snacks. Packed lunches at camp are often kept at room temperature for 4-6 hours. There are several ways to keep a packed lunch safe to eat:

  • Choose foods that may safely be kept at room temperature

  • Select and handle food carefully to prevent food poisoning

  • Insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes or bags are best for keeping food cold

  • Pack at least 2 (two) ice sources with any type of lunch bag or box you use

Children registered for a half-day camp need only bring snacks.

All Rec & Ed camps are "Nut Aware." There are campers with severe allergies to nuts including sesame seeds and hummus. Please respect this rule when you send food with your child. Foods that contain nuts, nut products or are produced in a facility that processes nuts need to stay at home. Campers with nut products in their lunches or snacks will be directed to eat in a safe area away from campers with allergies. Camp staff may also call home for replacement lunch or snacks.


Supplies may include:

  • food

  • snacks

  • water bottles

  • bug spray

  • sunscreen

Make sure that any clothes, backpack, and other items your child brings are okay to get wet, soiled or ripped. Label all clothes and supplies with your child's name using a permanent market. Rec & Ed will make reasonable effort to locate lost items; however, Rec & Ed is not responsible for any lost or damaged items.


Make sure your child is dressed for comfort, safety, and the forecasted weather. Avoid clothing with strings attached that may get caught on play equipment. Please consult the Welcome Letter for footwear requirements; most camps will require closed-toe shoes.


Help fight heat and dehydration by sending one or more pre-filled, labeled water bottles with your child each day. Putting sunscreen on your child before coming to camp is recommended. Camps will not provide sunscreen for campers to use, but staff will help remind campers (who bring their own sunscreen) to reapply, if needed


Rec & Ed staff receive ongoing training in the areas of child development, quality environment, programming, behavior management, health and safety. Each camp has at least one staff member who is CPR and First-aid certified. Staff members are selected for their maturity, enthusiasm, and experience to be sure your child receives the best care and attention possible at camp. All staff are subject to criminal background checks and fingerprinting. Sport camp instructors are also certified in concussion prevention and awareness.

" Instructor was amazing!

Interacted fantastically with the children!

The hours and location were perfect...

My child loved the camp! "

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