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Our High School Volunteer Program (HSVP) is celebrating its eleventh year as one of the best summer-time opportunities for high school students to build leadership skills, learn job responsibilities, and make new friends. It is also a unique opportunity for students to explore different career paths in a relaxed setting. A major benefit of being a volunteer in our program is that while acquiring the skills and experience to enhance their resume, they'll be making summer camp memories that last a lifetime!


Above all else, we hope that our volunteers add value to each camper’s experience. Volunteers do this by performing tasks such as assisting campers with projects, helping staff lead games and activities, and contributing to the positive and FUN atmosphere of a wide variety of camps. It is an excellent chance to learn and grow, to be positive role models, and to give back to their community.


Our goal is to assign at least one volunteer per camp. The application requirements are listed below. Please be prepared with all required documentation before beginning the application process. We look forward to reviewing your applications, and hope to be in contact with you soon!

All camps will be in-person, and the AAPS Super Six COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed.  These protocols include masking according to MDHHS guidelines, small camp sizes, no mixing between camps, and the use of outdoor spaces for eating and activities.


  • Commitment of at least 2 weeks (does not have to be 2 weeks in a row)​

  • Agreement to Staff Expectations & Policies

  • One letter of recommendation (see sample below)

  • Attendance at a mandatory informal interview

  • Attendance at a mandatory pre-camp training session

Applications for the 2021 Summer Camps Volunteer Program will be accepted

until May 21, 2021.


The mission of the Rec & Ed High School Volunteer Program is to enrich the camp experience for volunteers, staff, and campers while providing volunteers with the leadership and collaborative skills to become valuable members of the community.​


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Q: How many weeks can a student volunteer?

A: The summer camps run for 12 weeks total (mid-June through the first week of September). Volunteers must agree to participate for a minimum of 2 weeks, but they do not need to be 2 weeks in a row. We understand that teens/families typically have other activities planned throughout the summer, but the ideal situation is to maintain a consistent group of volunteers who are as invested in the summer camps as our regular camp staff. Preference may be given to qualified candidates with the most availability.

Q: What hours are volunteers assigned?

A: This year, due to COVID-19 safety concerns, high school volunteers will only be able to work in our sports camps. Each camp session a volunteer is assigned to will last one full week (M-F) in 3 or 4-hour shifts each day: 8am-12pm, 9am-12pm or 1-4pm.


Q: Can graduating seniors volunteer with the program?

A: The HSVP is designed for students who are entering grades 9-12. Students who have graduated and are 18 years of age or older can still volunteer, but they will be subject to both a background check and fingerprinting (at the volunteer’s expense).


Q: Is any prior volunteer or work experience required?

A: No, this is a learning experience. Volunteers with open minds and a willingness to learn are setting themselves up to be successful with the guidance of camp staff.


Q: Who needs to write the letter of recommendation?

A: The letter of recommendation needs to be written by someone other than a relative. For example, it can be from a teacher, mentor, counselor, pastor, coach, or former employer.

Q: Is transportation provided?

A: No, transportation to and from camp needs to be arranged by the volunteer. If the volunteer is at a camp that goes on a field trip (which is not likely to happen this year), transportation for the field trip portion of the camp will be provided.


Q: What will the informal interview be like?

A: Due to current health and safety concerns, the informal interview will most likely take place over the phone or via Zoom. It will be an opportunity for candidates to discover the day-to-day happenings at camp. Ultimately, we will attempt to determine whether the volunteer will be a good fit for Rec & Ed’s summer camp setting.


Q: What training will volunteers receive before camps begin?

A: All volunteers must participate in one training session prior to the start of camp. The training session will take place either in person or via Zoom in late May or early June. Continuous training will be provided throughout the summer.


Q: My son/daughter wants to be involved in something productive and fun over the summer, is that something the HSVP can provide?

A: Under normal circumstances, our summer camps provide numerous and varying volunteer opportunities, but due to the COVID-19 protocol needed to run our camps safely, we will be accepting fewer volunteers into the program. Also, volunteers will only be able to participate in sport camps, which are primarily held outdoors. With that said, as long as he/she wants to participate, is willing to learn, is open minded, and can meet the expectations of the program, it should be a wonderful experience. However, it is very important that the choice to be a volunteer is made by the son/daughter, not the parent. Volunteers who are not motivated to be at camp will probably struggle, and could be sent home.


Q: Will the volunteers be expected to complete the application and communicate with the Camp Specialist?

A: After a volunteer has been invited into the HSVP, all communication regarding camp assignments should be directly between the volunteer and the Camp Specialist (see contact information below). It is expected that the volunteers will respond to the Camp Specialist in a timely and appropriate manner. We will only contact parents if there is a disciplinary issue or if we are unable to reach the volunteer.

Q: Is there anyone I can contact with additional questions?

A: Yes, please email our Camp Specialist, Yvette Harris, at harrisy@aaps.k12.mi.us with additional questions