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Behavior Policy

Respectful interactions between campers, staff, and parents are essential to a successful program experience for all. Campers are expected to be able to participate in camp activities in a positive manner that is not disruptive for other campers or the camp environment.


In order to ensure an enjoyable environment for all campers, bullying, fighting, inappropriate behavior or language, and/or disregard for camp safety, policies and procedures will not be tolerated. If inappropriate behavior occurs, camp staff will use strategies such as redirection, problem solving, and talking with parents.


If positive outcomes cannot be achieved after the first incident of inappropriate behavior, Rec & Ed reserves the right to call parents for an immediate pick-up, suspend, or dismiss a camper from a camp without a refund.


For more information, please see the Ann Arbor Public Schools Rights and Responsibilities handbook.

Special Needs Accommodations

​Rec & Ed staff make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for children with special needs.

Please see our Special Needs page for more information. 


If your child must take a medication during camp, the Ann Arbor Public Schools medication policy requires written authorization to be on file at the camp in order for camp staff to administer all prescribed and over-the-counter medication. The authorization form must be signed by both a physician and a parent/guardian. All medications must be in its original container and clearly labeled. If any of these conditions are not met we will be unable to administer medication. Medicine will be administered by non-medical camp staff. 


If your child has an allergy action plan, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance of your child's participation in the camp. Call (734) 994-2300 ext. 53235 with your child's information. Camps follow the AAPS district policy govering use of Epipens for allergic reactions. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate any special supplies, concerns, and training to camp staff.  


Safety is our top priority. If a minor accident should occur at a camp, the Camp Supervisor will advise the parent at the time of pick-up. In case of a moderate to severe accident or injury or any head injury, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately. If emergency treatment is warranted, 911 will be called, the parent/guardian will be notified, and the child will be transported by ambulance to the nearest medical facility. Please be sure that your child's emergency contact information is complete and correct for someone who will answer an emergency call during the week of camp.

Safe Drop-Off & Pick-Up

For campers ages 10 and under, we ask parents/guardians to walk in your camper each morning and come inside to pick them up each afternoon. Please have a driver's licence or other form of picture ID ready. Only persons listed on the camper's information form are authorized to pick up and sign out you camper, unless a parent/guardian notifies us during camp. Under no circumstances are children allowed to leave our program with an unauthorized person. 

Weather & Facility Hotline

Michigan's unpredictable weather can impact summer camps. Most schools have limited air conditioning. Dress your child for the heat, with sunscreen and a water bottle. (See What to Expect At Camp for more information.) Outdoor sports camps may be cancelled due to rain or excessive heat based on the district's weather policies. Call (734) 994-2300 ext. 53114 for weather updates.  

Say Cheese! Picture Policy

The policy allows Rec & Ed staff to take pictures or video of youth and adult participants in any Rec & Ed activity, including camps. Images may be used in Rec & Ed or other AAPS promotional materials (brochures, catalog, website, and social media). Children's names are never used. Rec & Ed does not authorize others to use such photographs for commerical purposes. Enrollment in an activity with Rec & Ed indicates approval.

To opt out, email dishman@a2schools.org

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