Accommodations for campers with


Rec & Ed staff make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations for children with special needs. Accommodations can include a posted daily schedule, a quiet place to take a break, and help with transitions between activities.

Please allow 3 weeks prior to camp starting for Rec & Ed to arrange accommodations. 


Early and honest communication between parents and camp staff is essential for your child's success. 

1. Choose the camp that you feel will be the best fit for your child. (See Camps By Week on menu above.)


Need help deciding?

  • Call (734) 994-2300 ext. 53179 to discuss preschool camps and Safety Town.

  • Call (734) 994-2300 ext. 53219 to discuss camps for K-6th graders and sports camps.


2.  Complete registration, answering "yes" for special needs accommodations needed. Be sure to check that your email address and phone number are correct for us to reach you. 

3. You will receive an email asking for further information. Please provide detailed answers regarding your child's behavior, what works to support him/her, and any other critical information. 

4. Rec & Ed staff will create an accommodation plan with you. 

For information about Food Allergies, Medication, and other camp policies, visit 


Before registering, make sure that a Rec & Ed camp environment will match your child's needs for a positive summer experience. 

Rec & Ed camps are active and fun! Camps include the following:

  • A typical counselor to camper ratio of 15 to 1

  • A day full of activities, often involving both fine and gross motor skills

  • Lots of transitions between activities and environments inside and outside the building

  • Small and large group projects, discussions, and games

  • Outdoor free play time at lunch and on breaks. Campers are expected to play safely within the play area.  

  • Both quiet and louder times during the day

A safe, enjoyable camp environment is our #1 priority. Please be sure to review Rec & Ed's behavior policy before the start of camp. 

AAPS students 

Children with an AAPS Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that provides a school-day parapro may be able to have one-on-one aide for camp. The SISS department determines if a camper will receive a parapro for camp.


Parents must contact Rec & Ed at least 3 weeks before camp to request a parapro. Call (734) 994-2300 ext 53179 prior to registration for more information.  


Non-AAPS students 

AAPS cannot assign parapros to children who are from outside the district. However, parents/guardians are welcome to provide an assistant or helper to accompany their child to camp.


Please contact Rec & Ed at least 3 weeks before camp to let us know who will be accompanying your child and discuss the details.  

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