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Be A Middle School Volunteer

This year Rec & Ed is proud to introduce the Middle School Volunteer Program (MSVP).  We have taken the successful model of the High School program and scaled it to appropriate responsibilities and expectations for incoming 7th and 8th graders.

The High School Volunteer Program (HSVP) is in its seventh year and is an outstanding opportunity for high school students to build leadership, responsibility, and organizational skills while meeting high school volunteer requirement and building their resume for college and beyond.

Volunteers in both programs may perform tasks such as assisting campers with projects, helping camp staff with administrative activities and contributing to a positive camp atmosphere. It is a meaningful opportunity for older kids to show what they know, be role models for little ones and give back to their community.

Our volunteers are a vibrant presence in our camps and we could not operate without them.  Please consider volunteering with Rec & Ed summer camps this year.


Due to the overwhelming response, we will no longer accept MSVP applications after Monday, March 26.

Thank you for your interest in the Ann Arbor Rec & Ed High School Volunteer Program! Applications for Summer 2018 will be accepted starting Feb. 20. 

The application will close on Monday, March 26.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rec & Ed Youth Volunteer Program is to enrich the camp experience for volunteers, staff and campers while providing volunteers with the leadership and collaborative skills to become valuable members of the community.

Frequently Asked MSVP Questions

Q: What grade students may apply?
A: This program is open to students who will be 7th or 8th graders in the Fall 2018.

Q: Will all applicants be accepted to the program?
A: Since this is the first year of the program, we are limiting ourselves to 20 volunteers.  We want to make sure the volunteers are receiving the highest quality training and support during their assignments.  Applicants will participate in an interview (with their guardian) and will be selected based on their attitude, their fit for the program as well as their availability.

Q: What types of responsibilities will the middle school volunteers have?
A: Middle School volunteers will have a more active role in camp than the High School volunteers.  They may model appropriate behavior for the younger kids by walking next to the line leader or using visual cues to remind kids to raise their hand.  They may provide positive feedback and encouragement to campers while joining in an activity. The idea is for the Middle School volunteers to transition from the participant role of their younger years into a leadership role in their High School years by developing an understanding and appreciation for what the instructors do. 

Q: How many weeks will students volunteer?
A: We are asking for middle school volunteers to commit to at least 3 weeks out of the 11 weeks of summer.  We intend to provide considerable training for this program so we want volunteers who are invested in the program.

Q: What hours will my student volunteer?
A: During full day camps, students volunteer for 7 ½  hours , usually from 9 am - 4 pm.   Half day camps may be 2-3 hours either in the morning or the afternoon.  Breaks will be provided in both half and full day camps. 

Q: What age children will my student be assigned to?
A: Middle school volunteers will only be assigned to camps with children ages 5-7. 

Q: What type of supervision will my child have?
A: Volunteers will be assigned to a specific camp for the week.  The camp will have at least 2 adult instructors to provide instructions and guidance.  Camps may also have high school volunteers assigned.  For camps held at our main camp site, the on-site camp director will serve at the main contact for volunteers throughout the week.  This person will help resolve any issues or questions your volunteer may have.  For camps off-site, such as sport camps, our camp specialist will serve that role. 

Q: My child has no experience working with children, will they still be able to be a part of the program?
A: Yes, this is a learning experience! We don't expect Middle School volunteers to have much practical experience. Volunteers that arrive with open minds and are willing to learn will set themselves up to be successful with the guidance of camp staff.

Q: Is transportation provided?
A: No. Transportation to and from camp needs to be arranged by the volunteer. If the volunteer is at a camp that goes on a field trip, transportation for the field trip portion of the camp will be provided.

Q: What training will volunteers receive?
A: All volunteers participate in an training session prior to volunteering at a camp. The orientation session will take place in late May or early June.  Volunteers will also have the opportunity to participate in free CPR/First Aid training if they wish.  Continuous training will be provided throughout the summer.

Q: Will my child be assigned to camps they are interested in?
A: During the application process, we will ask your child to rank their interests and list any experience they have in those areas.  For instance, they may list that they've played soccer for 4 years.  We will do our best to match volunteers to the camps that interest them based on what we have available.  Not all of our camps will be suitable for Middle School volunteers.  We have selected staff and vendors for this program who are exceptional at providing guidance and instruction for volunteers.

Q: Are Middle School volunteers expected to complete the application by themselves? 
A: Yes, the volunteers will be expected to complete the application process by themselves with minimal parent guidance.  We designed the application process to be appropriate for the age group.  Communication for the program will be between the camp specialist and parents.

Q: Who may I contact with additional questions?
A: Please contact our camp specialist Yvette Harris at harrisy@a2schools.org with additional questions.

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